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Airline Bad Service when it comes to refunds....

Background: Last year my dad purchased 3 round trip airline tickets for my mom, my son, and himself. He purchased them on March 24, 2009 using his Citibank Visa. When the bill comes the next month my dad paid off the balance. The trip was scheduled from July to August. On May 9, 2010 my dad passed away. It was the most horrible experience I've ever had to deal with. A few days after my dad's memorial service he was cremated. I called Mexicana Airlines on May 12, 200 9 to tell them my dad had passed and we wanted to know what would happen with his ticket. My mom had been hoping that it could be transferred to me and I would use it. But they said no. We could only get a refund and all I need to do was send an email to customer service requesting the refund.

I emailed customer service to request a refund for just the ONE ticket, my mom wanted to continue the trip and was still willing to take my son with her, to bury my dad's ashes. Two weeks pass and no email response. I finally call Mexicana Airlines again and was again told to send email. (I wonder if I'm not getting the attention I need because I sound rather young for a 39 year-old woman so my mom calls and was told the same thing.) We finally get a response and were asked to send a copy of my dad's death certificate. NOT a problem we have it. But...my printer can only scan an image, I don't have the pdf - conversion program. I email my "customer service representative" that's working on my request. He writes back to "fax" a copy of the certificate. No problem...but wait...I try to fax it from work and it won't go through. I tried 3x and even had my coworker help me fax it. I go to currency exchange and try there. Nope, it won't go through. I call back to make sure I have the right fax number and was told yes (it was a 1-800 number) but I am also given a regular fax number. Try it again at work and again later at currency exchange still does not work. We are now in the month of July. My mom and son leave for Mexico.

I emailed the customer service representative again -- can I get an address. I was told no it can only be done through e-mail or fax. I wanted to give up. My mom told me to stop trying to get a refund and just shrug our shoulders. It was very frustrating!!!!

Then I read an article in the newspaper (Chicago Suntimes) by a columnist known as "The Fixer" and I send her an email describing the problems I had trying to get a refund for the ONE ticket ($380.76). She calls me the very next business day and asks me to describe in detail everything that had happened. She asked for all my email correspondence with the airline and of course I have it all saved. She calls me back telling me she had received it and will work hard to get my mom the money back. It was now August 2009.

Right after I talked to "The Fixer" I received an email from Mexicana Airlines stating they had received my request and supporting documents. While the Fixer did not claim responsibility for getting this quick of a response for me, she was able to talk to the airline's director of customer service and marketing.

I received a second email from her apologizing the delay in processing my request and that I should call her immediately to reschedule my flight without penalty fees. (I was confused so I called and spoke to the director). I explained that two of three tickets had already been used as my mom and son continued with the trip to Mexico to bury my dad's ashes. Ironically my dad was taken abroad with my mom and not placed in luggage (so technically he kind of did use his ticket...). Finally in October of 2009 a credit was issued to Citibank Visa for $380.76 for the airline ticket my dad was not able to use.

I've been wanting to post this for such a long time but every time I started to write it I began to cry because of course I miss my dad. I would rather have my dad alive with us than to be fighting over the $380.


Dad buys airline ticket for family but then passes away and I request a refund that takes almost 6 months to receive.

**edited for really bad grammar errors as well as spelling (shhhhessh...I was an English major!)

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