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More Fail from my local KMart

Here on Staten Island we have two KMarts, one near the Mall and the other along one of our larger main streets. For the few locals in this comm, I'm speaking of the Mall one.

My friend and I have had issues with this Kmart in the past. Two examples:

Human Error: I was buying Jones Soda Halloween flavors back in October. They came in packs (the plastic ring joiner kind, not in boxes) of four. One of the flavors didn't have a full pack of four, rather someone removed two soda cans each from two four packs. We still wanted to try that flavor, so I picked up the two left. Two packs that usually held four, but now held two apiece.

The cashier tried to charge me full price on both the damaged packs. When I asked about it, he just sent me down to CS where my money was refunded. No issues, so it wasn't as if it was store policy to have charged me the full price for both.

Computer error: Two nights in a row I was there with friends. Both nights we bought a DVD from the $5 bin. Both nights they attempted to charge me and my friend the full price of a normal dvd, around $14 or so.

These are just to show you I have reason to be wary of purchases I make at this location. This is why my distrust of this store is so obvious in my main story.

Tuesday night two of my friends (one of which was present for the above stories) and I went out to Kmart. On the way to the back I spy on an endcap (those shelves that aren't IN the aisle but on the end of them) an ice cream maker.

Let's be clear. I have poor vision, and even with my glasses my powers of observation are less than observant. I also have long hair that partially obscures my peripheral vision.

So when I see a sign saying an ice cream maker, an object I've been looking for, is $19.99, it's not a small sign. Its a large eye-catching square of posterboard taped to the shelving. This is relevant to our interest.

I squee happily and make a note to pick it up before we leave. I even stop to call my mother, to inform her I've found the ice cream maker of my dreams: smallish and affordable. I am very positive this thing is $19.99. Witnesses are present.

Soon the five minute warning is aired, and I grab my new precious and proceed to checkout, gleefully proposing marriage to it and exclaiming how we're going to have magical adventures in deliciousness together.

Fail on my part, when we get to the checkout I don't notice the price it rang up as. I had bought some rock salt, a soda, and a talking Jessie from Toy Story plush as well, so I didn't realize something was wrong with the total.

When my cohorts and I get to the bus stop, I pull out my receipt to discover they had charged me $28 and some change for the ice cream machine. >.<

Now this is STILL not bad in my eyes. As I said, they have a history of such things, and I figure I can have it changed tomorrow (Wednesday, yesterday).

So after work yesterday I call Kmart to be sure. I speak with an associate named Jessica. I remember this because it is my name as well. First she can't find it. She runs down to the home goods department and comes back telling me she doesn't see any. I tell her it's on an endcap and describe where.

She comes back and tells me she found it, and its indeed $19.99. She says she'll be in the rest of the night and if I come in just mention her name she'll give me a hand.

Within about an hour I'm in Kmart before a different friend and I head out for dinner. I bring in the receipt AND the product, just in case.

The customer service desk lady first tries to look it up on the computer. I explain I don't really trust the computer, as that price was wrong as of last night. She calls down to home goods to have a price check. I mention two or three times of this other girl named Jessica, which she doesn't even acknowledge.

When the call comes back that the price is $28 and change, I ask a little more firmly to page this Jessica. CS Lady tells me that there's only one Jessica and another Jessica just left, so this one may not be the droid I'm looking for. -_-

She pages her anyway and this Jessica denies all knowledge of me.

So I personally ask to run down to the ice cream makers and check myself.

The big sign of last night is not to be seen. I panic slightly and move the boxes, in case it fell? I honestly don't know what I was thinking, but the self-doubt was eating away at me now, even though I WAS SURE of the price as recently as an hour previous.

While I don't find the sign, I do see one of the three models has a sticker on it. It says SALE and sticks out like a flag from the box, and the part stuck to the box proclaims $19.99.

I grab the box and surface. My pal and I check it out. It expired on May 22nd, however since it was advertised still, like it was last night, the store's policy is to honor that. It's human error, and it happens. I got my price adjusted by just bringing the box up. The CS lady didn't even bat an eye. The expired sale was rightfully removed then.

But...what happened in my case?

What I think, and can't prove obviously, was that in the hour between hanging up with Jessica and getting to the store, it was discovered the sale price was an error after she spoke with a supervisor. Instead of leaving a note, I was lied to. Possibly the Jessica that was paged was indeed the one who helped me but said no out of embarrassment.

Obviously this is super paranoid of me to say, and maybe you can suggest a more reasonable explanation. Maybe this Jessica decided to leave early after all. I did express I might not have been able to drop in that day. It just happened my friend was okay with driving to Kmart before going to dinner.

And I did call the "proper" of the two Kmarts. When she answered the phone she said "Richmond Ave Kmart," not the other location.

Incidentally, this is the ice cream maker in question:

WOW. It was not for sale on the website at the time I made my phone call yesterday. When I stated the website pricecof $24 to Jessica she was very clear that the website price is NOT the same as the in-store prices.

Eh. I would have to pay shipping anyway.

Teal Deer: Kmart messes up a sale item and may have tried to cover it up. Any other suggestions?
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