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  A little background - I have a brain tumor.  Because of location and lad di da they could only remove 80%.  It is benign so I just see a dr ever 6 months or so.  So this past Tuesday, I got a horrific migraine.  Medicine was not helping and I started throwing up so much I ended up curled up on the bathroom floor dry heaving and without enough energy to do anything.  To top it off, I have a 2 year old.  I had to call my husband to leave work early.  I noticed not long after this episode, the left side of my face went numb. Not a stroke, promise.  It just means that the tumor is probably pushing on nerves again which means it has probably grown some.  I called the neurologist's office at 4.  I left a message and let them know how urgent it was.  I did not go to the ER because there are not any hospitals nearby that can deal with my current situation.  

  The next day. I called again just after noon.  Now, I am not a whiny entitled patient.  The last time I had facial numbness and nausea like this I had to have a 10 hour surgery, had a ton of nerve damage I am still recovering from over a year later and almost died.  I was told if we caught it before it got that big again we could use radiation to cut it down instead of surgery.  Less risky and the side effects won't be so sucky.  So you can imagine my feelings of panic to get in asap.  

  I called my ENT Wednesday afternoon (just after 4) because he specializes in the type of tumor I have.  I would need a neurosurgeon to actually do anything about it, but I was desperate so I called for his advice.  He told me to head to the ER.  Basically to get pain under control and get something for the nausea.  He'll also see me on the 15th and get me and MRI and help me from there.  This is getting in quick with this guy.  He's worth it.

  Meanwhile, I called my neurologist's office back and asked for the on call dr.  They told me to call back after 15 minutes if I didn't hear from him.  I did.  He never called me back.  I am about to burst into tears at this point.  The ER dr was awesome.  He gave me some scripts and I have gone through the day with a minimal headache and no tossing my cookies.

  This morning, I *finally* got a hole of someone at the neurologist's office.  This woman was so snotty and had a superiority complex!  She refused to work with my schedule at all (this place is about 3+ hours away).  Her whole tone was as if I was bothersome.  She scheduled me for June 23rd.  No earlier.  She was reluctant to do it then.  I love the dr.  I hate his office.  I will wait 2-3 *hours* past my appointment time on a regular basis and I show up 15 minutes early!

  I'm seeing my family dr Tuesday morning.  I'm going to ask her if she can order and MRI and I will send it to the neurologist himself - ie not his office.  

tl;dr  A patient with a known brain tumor exhibits serious symptoms of regrowth and can't get the neurologist office to return calls and they are snotty when they do and refuse to schedule me for a *month*.

Edited because I forgot to put under a cut.  Sorry.  :(
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