Becky (beckatsila) wrote in bad_service,

Update on the electric bill

I'm suffering a little PMDD, in mourning and stressed out, but I'll try to keep this polite. I may be mentally ill, but I still have my journalism training.

I went to my life coach's supervisor, and showed him the check receit and disconnect notice. He explained that I was supposed to receive a disconnect notice because the building's owner is taking over the electric bills. My rent will go up, and my benefits might get cut since I'm no longer paying a utility bill. Care to guess who's handling that?

I'm relatively sure they have to notify me in writing of something like that. They didn't. I have my documents saved, but I'm terrified to even think about going to a lawyer.

1) I don't want to make any more enemies than I already have. My last mental health provider never forgave me after I got them cited by the State of Indiana for illegally restraining patients--it's not something I like to talk about. I don't want to do that again unless it's something life-or-death serious.

2) I'm not sure the legal system would believe me. One staff member at a group home was caught falsifying an incident report involving me. Although she was caught by the director of the home, and I had multiple staff and patient witnesses, she still has her job.

3) I'm terrified that they'll retaliate because they pulled that kind of crap when I was at Richmond State Hospital. They'd warn patients that "calling that number could make things worse" and tell us to "consider your best interests". I remember one guy on my unit complained about pain until his appendix ruptured--they made him wait 5 hours before they let him see a doctor, and when he brought it up during group therapy, the unit supervisor told him--in front of all of us--to "remember your history, consider what we think when addicts say they're in pain".

Indiana's mental health system is about 50 years behind where it needs to be.

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