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Remember this post? The one where Associated Bank told me my card was on its way?

I called again today because frankly, this is getting out of hand. The woman verifies all my information (account #, address, name, DOB, SS), and asks what the problem is. I tell her I still haven't gotten a card, and I'm wondering if I can just go to a branch location and get a new one. She says no, and asks if I ever reported a card lost or stolen? Well, I reported one expired, so they cancelled it to send me a new one. Nope! They just cancelled the card, and the system *should* have recognized to send out a new one, but didn't. So I've been waiting a month for something that's never coming. She had no answer for why I was told it was on its way the last time I called. She was very nice and apologetic and helpful and swore I'd get a card in 7-10 business days.

After this, my coworker tells me when the same thing (card sent to old address instead of current) happened to her, they were able to overnight her a card, points out there's a holiday next week, and I should ask them to do that for me so I'm not waiting two more weeks. I do. All goes well until she asks my birthday, and I tell her.

Her: Do you know what your last check or transaction was?
Me: I know I wrote a check to Walgreen's yesterday, but I'm not sure if that cleared yet.
H: And how much was that for?
M: Um...$8 or $10? I'm not really sure, I don't keep imprints or whatever of my checks. [I don't, I've found I don't usually write checks often enough and I keep my receipts so I don't really need that.]
H: Do you have your credit card number?
M: My expired debit card number?
H: Yes, that will work.
M: (number)
H: Okay. The reason I'm asking all this is we have your date of birth entered differently. You can just take a picture ID into a branch office and they can get that corrected for you.
M: Um...okay. What do you have my birthday as?[WTF? I've had this account for over EIGHT YEARS, my birthday has never changed, it was right, what the hell?!]
H: I can't tell you that.

Alrighty. I explain what's going on, ask if they can overnight the card to me, considering this is pretty much their fault.

Her: Well, we don't really 'overnight' cards, what we can do is send one and it will arrive in two business days, since it is after 1 PM we could get it out tomorrow and it would arrive on Friday. We do require someone to be there between the hours of 8 and 5 PM as you need to sign for it since it's FedEx.
Me: I actually have to work on Friday, I can't guarantee I'll be there.
(After a lengthy seeming silence)H: We could send it to a branch location, and then you could pick it up there.
M: That would work a lot better.
H: Okay, which branch would you like to pick it up at?
M: Well, I usually go to the one off of (road),
H (slowly): What's the address?
M: Um...I don't know the exact address.
H sighs, does Lord knows what for a bit.
H: Do you mean the one by the mall?
M: Yes! That's the one.
H: Okay. I'm sending it there, and like I said, since it is after 1 PM I can't guarantee it will arrive Thursday, so I would call the bank to make sure they have it before you go over there.
M: Okay, thank you.
H: And while you're there, make sure you get your birthday corrected.

This whole thing has just made me a little stabby and ragey. To find out I was lied to TWICE about when my card was sent out (the first time I called and they promised they'd send it out, then when I called to ask what was taking so long), and the whole attitude of the second woman. The first one I talked to said nothing about my birthday, and the second one was so snotty about the whole thing, and acted like I was stupid for not knowing the address of the bank I use. I know where it is, I don't know the address! And just the fact that I should have had a debit card a month and a half ago, but through their incompetence, I haven't. I've always been happy with them before, but this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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