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Broken Heather

Time Warner Cable - left hand/right hand disconnect

So this is all resolved now, finally about a month and a half after the journey started. But more than slightly irritating!

I had been contemplating getting digital phone service, because AT&T was extorting $50 a month from me for my land line that I rarely used. Mobile phones don't work so hot in my neighborhood, so I couldn't go that route.

TWC sent a flier for a bundle package that added phone to the cable and internet I have through them, plus a couple of premium channels and a DVR, all for $40 less than I was paying for cable/internet + phone combined, all with a 2-year locked in rate.

The phone service switchover was handled by a wonderful technician who worked for half a day to get everything set up properly (there was some wiring issue in my house). When I got home that night, I realized we didn't have any instructions on the voicemail, nor did he leave behind the DVR. Oops! I was loathe to call and complain, because he really was wonderful, just forgot to leave the necessary materials behind.

I called the TWC call center and explained what happened...they said, 'oh, no problem, we're sorry that happened, just head into your local office with your old box and you can pick up the new one right away'. I gave them my boyfriend's name and said he'd be picking it up, also no problem according to them.

He shows up and the angry office ladies a) have no idea what he's talking about, b) say that's not possible, c) say he can pick up a DVR if he pays for it (despite the fact it's part of the plan.) Of course he left empty-handed and grumpy.

A few days go by and I get my first bill at the new rate, pro-rated. But it doesn't match my locked in rate. Why? Because I don't have the agreed upon DVR so I don't have the plan I selected. So I call up the nice folks at the call center again who apologize profusely and say they'll fix my account to reflect the right plan, and to go pick up my DVR from the office.

I take the second round so grumpy boyfriend does not get grumpier, and since it is my account, I can be more stompy about it. The angry office ladies are still angry. I explain what happened and they said, sorry, we can't give you a DVR. What!?!?! Well, to do that, we need to change your account (check in the old box, issue the new box). If we change your account, it violates your locked-in rate and we'll have to charge you full price. There is nothing we can do. I ask, well, can you cancel my account and re-establish under the locked in rate? No. Can you cancel the DVR so I don't pay for something I don't have? No. Well, what am I supposed to do!?!?! Can we call anyone? Is there a supervisor who can help??? They tell me that they're trying to figure out why the technicians keep forgetting to leave the DVRs and how to deal with it...and they'll call me in a day or so.

Surprise, surprise - no call - I wait about a week and a half. I finally call up the call center to ask what we can do (at this point I realize it's a massive disconnect between what the call center says and what the office knows). The phone agent tries another approach...makes the change at their end, and generates a work order number. This means that the office people won't need to make any changes in the computer...just accept some gear, because it's already checked in.

So I take the work order number to the office and tell them what happened. At first they don't even want to look it up. When I'm about to throw a huge stompy customer_suck style fit, they finally look it up and hand off a shiny new DVR.

The irony? I've hardly watched TV at all since I switched to a more robust plan, and haven't once used the DVR *sigh*.

TLDR: Phone agents and office agents seem to have disparate computers, techniques, rules, ettiquitte.

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