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This morning around 1am I had my husband drive me to the ER because my tongue had swelled up again. I've been having allergic reactions to something since the end of February and am waiting on my referral to see an allergist. My husband is military so we had to go to the ER on base so we didn't have out of pocket expenses. It was quiet, 1 woman with a little girl in the waiting room. I got in pretty quick. When I got in the back I noticed it was pretty dead in there too. Every time I was asked by a doctor or nurse if I was having any other symptoms, I let them know I had a sore throat but I believe is unrelated to my tongue swelling up. I got shot up with steroids and straight Benadryl. They left me alone for a while, I notice my tongue only went down a little bit but for some reason my sore throat vanished. For over an hour I was being taken care of by nurse A and Doctor B. Around 3am nurse A got off and was replaced with nurse C. Our first meeting he asked me how the meds were working, I told him my tongue didn't go down much but I found it funny that the sore throat went away.

There were a few people at the nurses station right outside my room (no door,just a little curtain that was left half open) all talking about different things (not about medical stuff,which didn't bother me, if they want to chat at work I don't care as long as they take care of their patients). About 3:15am one of the male nurses who sounded like nurse C started making jokes about me saying loudly "I can't believe someone actually came in here for a sore throat at 3am", no only did he keep repeating it with exaggeration, but he and the other people at the desk were laughing and joking about it. Not only is this unprofessional, it's very unacceptable behavior, especially since I was within earshot. Even if I was there for a sore throat, that's still very rude. And even if it wasn't about me (although it's obvious it was), patients don't want to hear them making fun of other patients.

The ER is very small so I hear everything and could see who came in and left the area, all the patients back there were 1 guy who got in a bar fight that was hurt pretty bad, a mother who brought in her little girl who had a high fever, and a guy who recently had some sort of surgery and was hurting pretty bad. Very unusual for a Saturday night, but then again there isn't many people on our base since they're building it up, and not just anyone can enter that ER.. only people with military IDs.

I tried to e-mail a complaint but when I sent it, it gives me encryption errors. I plan on writing a letter and sending it out on Monday. I don't think it'd violate HIPPA, but two of the guys at the desk were not employees. They were there with the guy who got in a bar fight, but since he was passed out they chatted with the nurses.

tldr: male nurse makes fun of me to other people right outside my room, even people visiting a patient, for going to the ER for a sore throat when in fact I was there for an allergic reaction that made my tongue swell up.

edit: It was late at night when I typed this, fixed a spelling error.
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