Kai Nimura (kai_nimura) wrote in bad_service,
Kai Nimura

wally mart

I've dealt with these problems with friends, and so far it hasn't come up with family. but they know me and they can ask, / do what they want as they know me on a personal basis.

However when your a cashier at wal-mart, mind your own bloody business.

Awhile back, me and my brother had to run to wal-mart to pick up some food for dinner. I was wearing my 'lazy day' outfit. which consists of a random t-shirt, nice jeans, black boots *gogo ish style but very nice*, a leather jacket... and

a pentacle. A SILVER pentacle on a necklace around my neck. like how people wear crosses, I wear my pentacle. My religion *wicca*, and I choose to wear it, yay for me.

So while my brother is taping in the info at the debit card machine-payment thing.

*oh also to add at this time we both where out of high school, graduated.*

She looks at me, sees my necklace and starts asking a LOT of innaporiate queatsions. ie do I know I'll go to hell, what do witches do, was i evil, did i do black magic. The typical things that make one groan and walk away.

I stayed quiet, which for me is impressive, other then my glare of death and acting as if I didn't hear her. my brother 'attempts' to explain it to her...while she keeps asking queastions, and people are in line behind us.

I give up at this point tuck my pentacle under my shirt grab the bags, tell my brother We're leaving, as he is done paying. and we leave. He makes a great comment about how out of line that woman was.

But hell. Guess she thought i needed to be 'saved' or something.
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