Himeko-chan (loser_loser) wrote in bad_service,

WTF service

So I went to Walmart today and bought a red pepper with some other things like an orange, Sobe water, and granola bar. I really love red peppers, and I eat them like apples. I am in the checkout with my friend and we get to the cashier. She is ringing my stuff then she looks at the red pepper, and it goes like this:

Her: Are you really going to eat this pepper?
Me: Uhm, yeah I am?
Her: I hope you are not eating it raw, are you at least putting it in something?
Me: Uhhhh (didn't know what to say).. I'm going to put it in a salad.....
Her: Ohhhhhh I guess that is okay then, it would of been really gross for you to eat that just plain.
Me: Hah uh okay?

I then paid and left, me and my friend were just like uhhhh wut. I found it kind of rude to comment on my stuff like that in front of everyone. It didn't really bother me a lot, just WTF.
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