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Public Transit Woes

 This actually happened about a week ago but, OT I've been a bit too sick to coherently post about it until now. Cut for length.

I pretty much always take the Toronto Public Transit to work. If you don't own or drive a vehicle it's the best way to get around the city without spending an insane amount of money on a taxi. (However, I personally think the TTC has way too much power over the city and with all the fares hikes there's not been an improvement with the customer service or service in general. The TTC goes on strike about once every three years and it paralyzes the entire city. It's ridiculous.)

This happened on a Tuesday afternoon, around 3:30pm. All the schools in my area are out and rush hour is pretty much starting up. There were five people at my usual bus stop when I arrived and by the looks of it, they'd been waiting a while for the bus already. Generally, at this time in the afternoon, the buses come at a more frequent rate than say 1:00pm. Except for today it seemed. It took nearly half an hour for a 116 bus to even show up. (If you live in Scarborough/Toronto then you'll probably recognize the bus stop!)

On this specific day, the light at the intersection was red and there were two cars in front of the bus, so myself and the five others waiting started to walk towards the waiting bus when the bus driver waved a hand at us to stop, turn around and wait back at the bus shelter. We all gave each other strange looks- because there was only six of us and we'd all waited until whoever was getting OFF of the bus had done so to even move- but some bus drivers don't like picking people up if they're not directly at the bus stop.

So we all waited- back at the bus shelter and feeling like first-graders- for the light to turn green. The bus doors stayed shut the whole time the bus was idling at the light and there were still people inside. 

That's when things get sucky. 

The light turns green and the bus driver lifts his hand up to flick at the marquee buttons, turns the regular route bus into an 116 express and pretty much breezes past the six of us without letting anyone board.

Now, the express bus makes one last stop at my bus stop before straight-lining it to the subway/RT station. The stop is a major intersection and a part of the 116E's official route. He's supposed to stop, he's supposed to let us on. 

The lady bus driver who showed up after this jerk pretty much blew us off and suggested that maybe he'd been at the end of his shift but to be honest, I really don't care. You flip the marquee to 'Sorry, not in service'. You tell the other people on the bus that you're not in service any more. You damn well FINISH YOUR ROUTE PROPERLY.  You don't show up at least ten minutes late and refuse to let anyone else on.

The lady really wasn't any better. One of the woman who had been at the bus stop with me complained to her and she was visibly upset because- like myself- she was going to be extremely late for work now. Her only contribution to the conversation was 'I don't know what to do' and 'why are you yelling at me?' (Which, the upset passenger was not doing. Speaking loudly, yes but she was standing out on the sidewalk and trying to talk over traffic and an idling bus!) 

As I was calling in  to let my boss know that I would be late, a young woman stood up and hit the 'request stop' button one stop too early. The lady bus driver laid into her, saying things like "aren't you going to get off?!" and "Do you honestly not know how this thing works? Listen to the damn machine!". It was obvious that the young woman didn't know very much English from her quiet reply and the lady bus driver kept muttering about all the stupid people she had to pick up.

And people wonder why the TTC gets so much bad press. :/

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