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Underemployed physician?

I just bought my first house, and went to the local Lowe's to pick up some things.  Now, I use a wheelchair, and I have an electric wheelchair and a lift attached to my car.  However the charger got misplaced in the packing and I couldn't use mine today.  I can walk a little (like 20-30 yards) but I'm really not supposed to walk often and I experience excrutiating pain when I do.  However, I don't really "look" disabled, and I'm young.  This is important background knowledge.

So, I walk into Lowe's and look around for one of those electric carts big stores sometimes provide.  I didn't see any, so I asked the lady standing at the customer service desk.  This was the conversation:

Me:  Hi, do you happen to have any of those electric shopping carts at this store?
"Customer Service" Genius: *looks around pointedly* Well, do you see any?
Me: No, but this is my first time in this store, I just moved to the area, so I don't really know where you keep them.
CSG: We have a few, but I don't know where they are right now.  You could walk around the store and see if anyone left them in the aisles, or maybe check the parking lot too.
Me: Well, I really can't walk that far.  Maybe you could find someone to check for me?
CSG: *big sigh* I can't leave the CS counter.
Me:  That's okay, I don't expect that.  Can you ask someone else to look?
CSG: *calls over stock person walking by* Hey, Eddie, can you see if you can find this perfectly healthy young person an electric buggy?
Me: *head boggles* ....

Really?  Are you sitting on some magical medical degree that has granted you the ability to diagnose people with only a few sentences and a glance?  Why the hell would anyone say something like that.
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