Cheerfully nihilistic :)! (ladylucretia) wrote in bad_service,
Cheerfully nihilistic :)!

How many times do you put up with shoddy service at a cafe before you complain or stop going?

There is a coffee shop where my boyfriend and I like to meet for lunch. The food is very tasty. Our first time there we discovered a favorite dish, the chicken mango curry wrap. The second time we went we both ordered it as a sandwich, and the following dialogue occurred:

Cashier: It's, like, chicken salad so it is too messy to have as a sandwich.
Boyfriend: (confused) Oh no, I didn't want the chicken salad, I wanted the chicken curry as a sandwich.
Cashier: Yes but the chicken curry is the same as a chicken salad, it's cut up pieces of chicken, so if it's a sandwich it will fall apart.
Boyfriend: I don't mind if it's messy, I'd prefer it as a sandwich
Cashier: Are you sure?
Boyfriend: Yes.

First of all: it's not like chicken salad sandwiches don't exist! Second: don't argue with customers! She was clearly insisting that his order was wrong somehow. Warn us it might be messy and then drop it.

On to today's suck. My boyfriend orders a turkey panini and a soda. I place the following order with the same cashier as last time:

Me: Can I have the African soup, half a ham panini, and a diet cream soda.
Cashier: I'm sorry, what kind of soda?
Me: Diet cream please.

My order comes out, and it's 1/2 a turkey panini and a tomato soup. ::headdesk::

So I go to return it to the kitchen thinking maybe they mixed my order up with someone else's. I stand near the register/open kitchen area holding my food. One of the workers looks over at me and I shoot him a look to indicate I have a question. He either doesn't catch it or ignores me. After maybe a minute he looks over again and I say:

Me: Excuse me, I think I might have gotten someone else's order?
Him: What did you have?
Me: African soup and half a ham panini.
Him: (to food preparer) Do you have an order for a ham panini? No? Can you make one now please?

And then he walks away - no apology, no eye contact the whole time.

My food did get made properly and he brought it to me and said a quick "Sorry about that." But he was definitely short with me and seemed annoyed. It made me wonder if this wasn't the first time that cashier had messed up an order that day. Regardless, now 2/3 times we've been there they've made us feel awkward by having somewhat dismissive or rude attitudes.

TL;DR: Cashier argues with my boyfriend about the viability of chicken salad sandwiches, and then gets my entire order wrong.

We decided the food is good enough that we will go back again, but if we have any more weird experiences we'll either complain or stop going. Which option would you choose?
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