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Leslie's Pool Supplies

This bad_service was related to me by my mother, who needed to rant about it later.

Backstory: So my mother has been going to Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies for many years now, ever since we moved to a house with a pool in the backyard. After getting some initial instruction she has been taking care of the chemicals needed to keep the pool a sparkling blue for us in the summer. Yay! This means she has to periodically go to this store to buy the chemicals needed for it.

This occasion, she needed to buy a particular chemical (forgot the name) and they had a Mother's Day special going on, which meant $12 off (to clarify, special was for the whole week, not just on Mother's Day). Mom was excited because this was a great deal. She goes in, gets what she needs, and goes to check out. She notices the checker has not applied the sale price and asks him why he didn't, and tells him about the advertised Mother's Day special. He says they didn't have any such sale going on (this was the day before Mother's Day). What?

Mom tells him that yes, she's sure they have a sale going on because she just looked at the email advertising the special before she came in. He sputters and says well, he'd have to actually SEE the advertisement in order to give her the discount. She asks if he really wants her to go all the way home and come back just to show him a printed out copy of the special (it was NOT a coupon, which I could understand him needing a print-out of, just an advertisement). He says yes. She, very politely (my mother is sweet and polite almost to a fault), says that she's not saying it's his fault for not knowing the special was going on, and that maybe upper management hadn't briefed them on the sale the way they should have, but that it would be a long way for her to drive back home. He insists that he still has to see it.

So my mom, who is now determined on principle to get the discount, decides she WILL drive home and get the advertisement. She prints it out, brings it in, and showed it to him. He peered at the advertisement, and announced that it was meant for online items only. Mom took the paper and pointed at the line that CLEARLY stated it was for in-store items only (it wasn't in tiny print or anything). He then got mad and said she was trying to insult him, which was ridiculous since it was obvious that he was just embarrassed for having his mistake pointed out. My mom said that in no way was she trying to insult him, she just wanted her discount (since she has to buy these chemicals somewhat regularly throughout the year, the expenses add up and so she tries to save and buy during sales whenever possible). After some huffing and puffing, he finally gave it to her, and she left.

I just think he didn't know the special was going on (for whatever reason), didn't think she would actually go home to show him the advertisement, and when she did he didn't want to be proven wrong and tried to lie and say it was online only. I'm just glad my mom stuck up for herself and didn't pay the full price, even when he got mad for no reason.

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