lizza (darkfireangel88) wrote in bad_service,

Two things, built on each other

First: my bank. My debit card was due to expire 04/10. I waited...and waited...and waited...for a card. Mid-April, I even sent an e-mail through their website asking if I had to call and request a new card or something, or if one would be sent automatically. No reply. The last week in April, I called and told them my card was going to expire, would I be getting a new one or what was the deal?

"Oh, you didn't receive it yet?" No, no I didn't. "Well we sent it to [old address I've not lived at in close to 2.5 years] on 04/01, you should have gotten it."

"That's not my address." And they should know that, as I've received mailings from the bank at my current address. But evidently that was "not in the system" and so they'd cancel the old one, send a new one, make sure my "new" address was in the system this time, and I'd receive it in 6-10 business days. Since my debit card would be cancelled (card they sent had the same number as my about to expire one, so both would be cancelled, and I'd be out a debit card a few days early.) It's now been over 20 at this point. And when I called (again), to see what the deal was, all they could tell me was that it'd been sent, and I should be receiving it "soon" unless I wanted them to send out a new one, in which case I would possibly be waiting even longer, but that wasn't for sure. I told them no, I'd keep waiting.

Second: being out a debit card, I've been writing a lot of checks lately. Last night after work I needed gas badly, so I stopped at the BP, put some in, went inside to pay. I asked the clerk for a pen, and he hands one over, sighing deeply.

I look at a sign right on the card reader saying who to make checks out to, and say, just to make sure, "You guys do take checks, right?"
"Yeah, but they're such a pain, I mean you have to get your driver's license out and I have to write a bunch of stuff down...don't you have a debit card or something?"
"No, I don't."
I wrote out my check, handed him my license, and with a look of infinite annoyance and suffering, he took down my information, ran it through, and told me I was all set.
"Could I have a receipt please?" I like to keep track of these things, I wasn't trying to be a bitch, I always get a receipt.
Another sigh. He pushed a few buttons, handed me a receipt, and walked off.

Seriously, I get that checks can be a pain, I really do, but if your business takes them, I'm allowed to write one. It's not like I was paying him in all dimes or something. It really irked me how he made it such a huge production and a Big Deal that I was writing a check. It was uncalled for.
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