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ever hear of the SERVICE industry? you WORK in it.

I don't think I've ever been made to feel so horrid for being a customer.

Okay so Wed night last week we were out at a local pub downtown to get together with a friend who was in town for the week. This was a place we had been before and gotten excellent service, so this definitely wasn't what we were expecting. There were about 20-25 of us, all in 20's and 30's I believe. All eating as well as drinking (this will be important later).

I get a drink to start things off, and mention I don't have cash on me at that moment when she goes to collect payment for it - prior to receiving said drink! I ask her if she needs anything from me in order to facilitate starting a tab (some pubs ask for a credit card, which I would happily have provided), she says no that's okay and goes off on her merry way. I'm already getting nasty vibes from her attitude - she's cold and doing the bare minimum to take care of us.

She's taking care of other people at our tables and I hear her mention that not one of us has tipped her on an individual drink. Cunt, why do you think we asked for separate tabs? So that we can tip you AFTER THE FACT, once we've had our fill of whatever we want to eat and drink! I am under NO obligation to tip you per drink if I'm tipping you from the whole bill. I tend to tip generously, but after that little thumb-sucking whine, and the way she's been treating all of us, she can forget it.

Not to mention: the steak sandwich comes with cooked veggies and either fries or soup. You can substitute caesar salad for a buck more. So I pick soup and ask for caesar salad instead of the veggies. She brings me the cooked veggies AND the salad AND the soup so I figure maybe she's just owning up to the fact that she's been behaving herself like an absolute hag and tossing in the veggies.

Oh and let's not forget her bitching about needing to take off soon, and consequently needing payment right away. Which would be fine if she had been telling the truth. I took care of payment pretty much immediately after her having requested it - she took FOREVER to collect it.. and then easily an hour, hour and a half later when we finally decided to leave, I came back out into the main room of the pub and there she was, taking care of other customers. Fucking skank.

Backtracking somewhat: I get the bill and I'm charged for the steak sandwich with caesar salad, plus $3.50 for a cup of soup (outrageous given the amount of soup in the cup). I've eaten the veggies by this point, so I figure my fate is sealed - but I tip her appropriately - the total comes to $19.27 with tax and she got a $20. Not a penny more - though there would have been one sitting at my place on the table had I had one left.

I'm sitting at the bar next time I go there. IF there's a next time. ;(
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