Liquefying, crucifying harbinger of doom (alphafem) wrote in bad_service,
Liquefying, crucifying harbinger of doom

Bad Service at Faux British Pub

Hubby had the responsibility to arrange a reception for some dignitaries who were attending a cadet function today. He booked tables and snacks at our local faux british pub for approximately 40. The actual number that turned up was less than that, but we had forewarned them that there would be a large party, so you'd think the waitress would be ready.

Prior to our arrival, hubby had told the events person at the pub that we would need the food put on one bill by itself, because the cadet corps will pay for the food but not the alcohol for the evening. Anyone wanting to drink would have to pay for it themselves. He repeated that to the waitress when she arrived at our table and we were very clear in explaining who was paying for which set of drinks. She seemed to get it, even numbering us (eg. myself, hubby and the other couple whose drinks we were paying for were number '1', the cadet commanding officer and her husband were number '5' and so on.) We had a lovely evening of drinks and friendship. She was a bit slow in getting the drinks and food platters to us, but we chalked it up to the fact it was Saturday night and just before dinner rush.
And then it was time for the bill. The other sets of bills came out fine, but she'd put all the food along with our alcohol on our bill. The commanding officer said, "No, you need to put the food on a bill by itself because we have to submit this receipt to be repaid and they won't take it if there's alcohol on it." We thought that was pretty clear. She huffed and said she'd be right back. She came back... very proud of herself that she'd split the food bill in half, putting half on our bill and the other half on the CO's bill, again both with the alcohol belonging to the respective parties. It was explained to her again that we can't have this. The food needs to be by itself or we can't submit it. Huffily she said, "Well it'll take a few minutes for me to sort this out." And off she flounced, one would hope to fix the bill.
The food did come back on one bill by itself. And then there was a second bill combining the CO's party's alcohol with ours. At this point hubby gave up and he and the CO went to the manager to get it figured out right at the till. Seconds later the waitress flounced by our table, snarking, "So I guess I have to go work your bill out. AGAIN."
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