Comedic Tragedy (drama_) wrote in bad_service,
Comedic Tragedy

Funny WTF...

I got a letter in the mail today from Citibank about my credit card. They had sent me my rebate check (earn so many dollars per amount spent on card) and wanted to remind me how great free money is. The letter pretty much said, "Hey, we see you haven't been using your card much and wanted to remind you that the only way to get your perks is to use it!"

You mean use the card for the account that you, Citibank, canceled after 9 years of on time payments? You mean the card that you gave to me when I blatantly told you I was 18 and had no job but now at 27 am considered too high risk to have? You mean the card that I still have to pay interest on even though I can't use it? Oh. That one.

Gee, don't know why I haven't been using it much lately.
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