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bad_service at a Doctor's office

IDK if my expectations are too high or something, but I had one of the most unprofessional Doctor's visits in my life today.

For some backstory: I'm applying for disability. The state has sent me for two exams, one for mental, one for physical. My reasoning for application is primarily mental as I have no official diagnoses for my physical issues.

So, the state of Georgia schedules me for a physical for today. I notice on the paper that the person giving me my physical is a Cardiologist instead of a general practitioner. Which makes me a little confused, but I don't really pay it any mind. I just go to my appointment - scheduled for 10:45 am.

I arrive on time to a large waiting room with a few people in there. The first thing I notice upon walking in the door that it is absolutely sweltering in the waiting room. This is Georgia in the spring - they were calling for the high to be 91 today, and it was about 85 degrees when I actually left to go to the doctor's office.

So, I sign in, I sit and I wait. And wait. And wait some more.

After about an hour of waiting with no body being called back as well as the waiting room beginning to fill up, another patient stands up and asks what the deal is with the wait, as well as with the heat.

When she sits back down, she kind of looks at everyone in the waiting room and just mutters "the doctor isn't even here yet." As for the heat issue? "Well, when we turned on the air yesterday, people complained that it was too cold."

Oh, okay.

After another fifteen minutes or so of waiting, they finally start calling people back. First, the lady that went up to ask what was going on, then me. They lead me back to an exam room. They ask me for my height and weight instead of actually taking it, and only took my pulse and blood pressure. (This is where I'm kind of hesitating on stuff - except for this occasion, when I go to a doctor's office they take my full vitals, as well as weigh me and measure my height). Soon after this is done, a man walks into the room and sits down in front of me with a laptop in his lap. A small conversation takes place where he asks me what is it that physically makes me disabled. I'm honest and tell him that it's mostly mental. He asks me if there's anything that he could write down for physical problems. I tell him that I'm being treated for but have not been diagnosed with endometriosis because I can't afford the diagnostic surgery.

Then his cellphone rings.

And he answers it.

IDK, maybe I'm overreacting here, but I felt like it was really rude and unprofessional for him to answer his cellphone whilst with a patient. I could understand if it was the emergency room, or a hospital instead of a doctor's office.

After he hangs up the phone, he gets back to asking me questions. He asks where the pain is located and how bad it is, and if I'm in pain now. I show him where the pain is located, tell him that the pain sometimes leaves me bed ridden and that yes, I'm in some pretty severe pain at the moment.

Then his phone rings again. And he answers it again, mouthing to me at some point in the conversation that it's his mother.

That's great, guy.

After he hangs up once more, he asks me what age my pain started and tells me that what he wrote down was that I'd been having chronic back pain since I was twelve. Then he leaves, to tell me that the doctor will be in there soon.

...Then what were you, guy?

A few minutes later, a lady walks into the office and says she's going to give me a physical exam. She has me sit on the table, where she listens to my heart in an oddly rushed manner. She held the stethoscope to my chest and back respectively for maybe five or six seconds? After this, she gives me some quick range of motion tests and then sends me on my way. The "physical" took maybe two minutes at the most. When I left the building, it was about 12:30.

I've had physicals before. That was NOT a physical.

I know I didn't schedule this appointment, and I know that the state is paying for it - but that was one of the worst doctor's visits I've ever had in terms of professionalism. I know that my disability issues are limited to mental, but it's still the doctor's job to perform a full physical if that's what's being ordered, right?

Am I overreacting?

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