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Update: Frontier

An update to this post:

They finally got the proper line connected to the proper box this Monday (and it took all of five minutes, seriously). The Response Link tech came out and made sure the box was set-up properly.

...which is a good thing, as we had to use the box yesterday morning to summon an ambulance for my mother (accidental or intentional overdose of depression medication...was not pretty).

So while I'm glad they got it fixed, I'm slightly annoyed that it took so long, not to mention I can't help thinking about what could have happened has they not fixed it when they did (yes, I could have just called 911, but part of the reason for having the box is A. freedom (I can perform better first aid if not juggling a phone) and B. Someone who has my mother's medical history right there and can answer the needed questions while I focus on my mother.

(and btw, my mother's prognosis is looking good for right now, she is stable and doing better by the hour).

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