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Am I too harsh?

You know, I hate angry customers. However, I myself have become one.

See, SBC, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to block my port 25. What this means, in short, is the only e-mail I can send must end in Yeah, how about no? I use my .mac e-mail for everything. I have all my mailboxes set up, I have special settings and aliases. I store my mail on my computer, not on a webmail server. My family uses SBC's browser and GUI, but I don't want to. I just open Safari/Mozilla/(or if I'm desperate) internet explorer, and go about my business. I don't even have an SBC username and I like it that way gosh darnit.

So, in essence, they have monopolized e-mail options for their customers. I have tried to fix this, but it only works for one user in the family. Being that I don't have a username and password and even if I did I'm not going to use it to log in, this has no bearing on my situation.

Finally I gave up and wrote this.

We pay SBC monthly for a connection to the internet, and recently, you decided to block port 25. When I fill out the standard form, it replies back telling me that for that user, port 25 has been disabled. However, I do not want to have to sign up for a username and password to use the internet connection we pay for. I am forced to send my requests through my father's username and no solution is reached.

PLEASE UNBLOCK PORT 25 FOR OUR ENTIRE CONNECTION. Not user by user, the whole connection that we pay for.

I am very very upset that I am no longer allowed to use the e-mail account that I need for work and do not want to use the SBC GUI in order to find a solution. I have never logged into SBC and never will. We pay you for an internet connection and that is what I want. A connection between myself and the internet. This is very inconvenient and underhanded to try and monopolize your users e-mail options. If people want to use your service they will. I have decided not to. We don't pay you to penalize us for not taking "advantage" of the services AVAILABLE to us. If we want our port 25 blocked, we should be able to request it or select it from our preferences.


And please don't refer me back to the form to do so, because that does not help me reach a solution.

I'm trying to find a backward hack to work around this, but I really want SBC to fix it. If they don't fix it, they are going to get a phone call from me. Those jerks. I can't believe they did this. No one understands why I am so angry...but...I'm about ready to put my fist through a wall. This is not what my family pays for.
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