Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

We've had issues with our copier at work since before I started here last August.

In September 2009, I made a service call because our copier constantly jammed. We couldn't make it through a 10 page copy job without it jamming 9 times.

Repair man comes and says, oh silly girls, you don't have the paper in right. Make sure the clips are tight and you'll be good to go. I know I'm not describing the piece right, but he told us that the part of the tray where we could adjust the size (we keep it at 8.5 x 11) wasn't tight enough against the paper, causing the jams)


Finally, last month I'm fed up with it. I make another service call on April 9th. He comes back and tells me the same thing...except I've made sure that the paper is in the drawer tight. This time he puts a screw in to tighten it down since we never change the paper size.

Monday, April 12th. Guess what? Machine is still jamming like crazy when it feeds paper from drawer 1. I call the repair guy again. He comes back.

He looks the machine over, gives it a really good cleaning, orders some other parts because it copies like shit anyway, and says he'll be back in a week.

April 19th. He comes back. Machine is still jamming, despite him giving it a "good cleaning". So he runs his diagnostics and tells me that he has to order another part that needs to be replaced. He didn't replace it in the first place because he's never had to replace one before and doesn't know why he should have to replace the one in our machine.

Whatever dude. Just get my damn machine working.

He shows up the end of last week. Replaces the part. At first, all seems

Yesterday I was running a 50 page copy job. Damn thing was jamming like it used to. I actually ran across the repair guy when I was dropping off stuff in the mail room. I tell him hey, machine is still broken. Oh, it's the humidity. They tend to jam when is humid out.

Bwah? Don't give me that bullshit. This isn't my first job working with machines. I can forgive a jam here or there, but 10+ jams on a 50 page job????? I just ran a 90 page job with 20 jams (which is what prompted my post)

THAT IS NOT NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Humidity will NOT make my machine jam that much. Do NOT tell me that! You might get the other offices on campus to buy that excuse, but I'm not that stupid buddy.

He's supposed to be here sometime today to look at it/work on it/not fix it again. I'm not sure who I can even complain to. I have to report all problems to the Admin building, but after talking to them, he treats every office this way. I am trying to get in touch with my uncle who used to repair copy machines up until a few years ago. Hopefully he can arm me with some knowledge for the next time I run into copy machine guy.

Oh..and as for my buddy that wound up in the hospital for my last post...he's doing better. he was messed up for about a week, still not totally normal, but he's better. His doctor is kinda "meh" at the PA about it.
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