Lilenth (lilenth) wrote in bad_service,

How hard is it to check a PC before you sell it?

It seems to be my week for bad service, normally I buy my electronics either brand new or from a different store.

However I needed a PC to tide me over until I save up for my nice shiny new one, so I check my usual store, and they've got none in, so I go down to Cash Converters and they have a nice shiny one with semi-decent specs in (stuff like a dual core 3 processor). So I put down a deposit and start paying it off.

I picked it up, got it home, plugged it in, switched it on, first I notice it's running super slow (I've seen pentium ones that were faster than this thing) then I smell burning, I touch the side, it's hot, then whump, it shuts down.

The power supply was on it's way to the big recycling depot in the sky, and it was very busy taking the processor with it. So I have to lug it all the way back down there and was told "oh we don't stress test the machines or do anything other than basic electronic tests, we're not a computer center" despite the fact that it was an obvious and chronic issue.

Still I did get a refund. I just hope they don't try to sell that lemon to someone else.

The plus side is that my regular store had a really nice PC in and I popped a deposit on that. :D

TL;DR I brought a second hand PC from Cash converters and discovered it was an epic obvious lemon once turned on, they only do the bare minimum to check items for re-sale.
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