hedgemom (hedgemom) wrote in bad_service,

Postmark never lies

On April 17th I order a fairly large amount of natural pet products from an online store. These are things my chinchillas can chew and drag around and generally add enrichment to their cage life.

I choose UPS ground as the cheapest shipping and the confirmation says it should take 5 days to receive it. Give it a day or two to get packed and I'm thinking a week is enough.

10 days later I email because the box hasn't arrived. I get an email back the next day that they are out of town and my order got stapled to someone else's order and they won't be able to ship it until May 3 but will upgrade me to USPS Priority to make up for the lost time. Ok, I'm fine with that. I get packages sent Priority in two days from the opposite coast so Wednesday May 5th I should have this.

It didn't come so I emailed on May 6th asking for clarification and I've gotten nothing back.

The package arrived today. Postmarked Wednesday, NOT Monday as promised. I'm annoyed because it would have taken five minutes to send me an email letting me know they couldn't keep their promise to mail it out on Monday.

Now, normally pet toys would be no big deal, but chinchillas chew like there is no tomorrow and I ran out of safe chews on May 1. When you run out of chews, they chew their shelves in their cages, which are safe but are darned difficult and a bit pricey to replace. They chew their houses, their ledges and, in the case of my neurotic girl, she chews herself.

Sadly, this is such a niche market that I don't have many options for not using them.
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