_The_ Wench (rayce) wrote in bad_service,
_The_ Wench

I don't care why.. just fix it

One of the things I get so sick of is people being defensive as hell.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a co-worker and her husband. We went to a local pub that advertises their wonderful lunch. Their food is tolerable and the service is decent. What we like is that they have board games to play.

Now I've worked in the service industry and I always try very hard not to be one of "those" customers that you read about in various customer suck communities. So please know that we were polite.

My friend and her husband both ordered diet cokes and I got a regular.

At some point, with his glass still half full, the bartender/waitress comes by and takes his plastic glass and gives him a bar glass as a refill for his not completely gone diet coke. He takes a sip and makes a face saying it tasted funny.

I thought perhaps they had mixed up and given him someone else's drink. Seeing as I used to be a BIG drinker and can smell alcohol even when it was simply used to cook my food I asked him if I could see it.

He handed it to me and I take a quick sniff. It smells REALLY strongly of rum. As in rum and coke. We wave over the waitress with an apologetic smile and explain that we think she may have brought us someone else's drink because the one she gave him had alcohol.

Her response: "No it doesn't. The glass may just have an alcohol smell to it."
Then she just stands there.

Now things I could have said was:
Since when is glass porous and retain smells after being properly washed?
or maybe:
Oh.. well.. I guess that explains everything and now that you have so thoroughly explained the issue the smell is just going to magically disappear from his drink.

Never mind that it TASTED like rum. And he is on his WORK lunch break.

So he very nicely asks her, "Can I get a new one please?"

And with a little frustration she takes the drink, gets him a new one that is back in the same kind of plastic cup he had before the bar drink came over and brings it back.

But what gets me is what she said when she returned it.
"There wasn't rum in it. It was just a bar glass."

Why do people insist on being defensive. Just replace the damn drink so we can get on with our lunch instead of trying to explain to you that if he wanted a drink that tasted like rum he would have ORDERED A DRINK WITH RUM.

It's a small thing really but it just gets annoying after awhile. I also realize that people get this way because of all the assholes out there that raise a horrible fuss over little things. But we never raised a fuss. We didn't really care why the rum was there, just that it was there. But she was obsessed with telling us there was no rum in his drink when you could taste it and smell it. And why bring a bar glass instead of the glasses they use for non-alcoholic beverages if there is no alcohol in the drink?
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