tricky squirrel (ohbutitsshiny) wrote in bad_service,
tricky squirrel

timeline of events:
march 28
wendy's accidentally charges me 97 dollars on my debit card, but refunds it right back.
march 30
my card is declined for a five dollar purchase. commence me going "wtf?"
check online bank statement. appear to be -213 dollars. commence more wtf
march 31
contact bank. bank says 'it's not our fauly wendys did that, you need to contact them'
i say 'wendys will not give me all that money back. you can, and it won't hurt you to do it since it was my money in the first place.' bank reluctantly credits me 60 dollars (out of 270 total in insufficiant funds/overdraft fees)
i call wendys. wendys says the bank is the one that puts the hold on the credit, so i need to yell at them. i tell them the bank says no. they say they'll have someone call me to work it out within 48 hours.

it's april 7. wendys has not contacted me. i don't have my money back. i am getting VERY VERY ANGRY.

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