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no, really, i don't need an emergency services box...

On April 20th we (my mother and I) called our local phone company (Frontier) to fix two problems. A. Remove the static on the line that made it hard to hear, and B. Connect the current phone line to the jack in my room that had originally (years ago), gone to a separate phone line.

Note: This line is essentially, due to the fact we need to use it solely for a medical emergency call box for the back area of the house).

Repair guy comes out, cleans up the static and while doing so, says he connected Box A to Line A. All is good!

...except, not.

On April 27th they sent out another technician on another issue (mom got jack happy and had one installed in the living room). The technician was made aware of the other case, as he was scheduled for that as well (paperwork mix-up). He double checked the box while installing the new jack and said everything was fine.

Today, Response Link (the medical emergency call box people) sends out their tech to connect two boxes, one in the front of the house, and one in the back. Set-up goes great in the front, and we move back to my room to set up the second box.

Where the very annoying computer voice informs us (constantly) that there is a communication and telephone line failure. Tech does everything he can think of to fix it, ignoring my simple solution of "Let's check for a dial tone!" So I stole the phone line when he wasn't looking and connected it into the only available thing to check for a dial tone (which was my DVR).

No dial tone.

So now I have to schedule another 'repair', wait around for the guy, watch him fix the phone line that should have fixed two weeks ago, then call out the Response Link tech (who was a wonderful man and left me his name and personal number so I can call and arrange an appointment faster then calling the company itself)'s hoping I don't have an emergency anytime soon while alone (which has happened before).

When did "It's fixed" become repair speak for "I fiddled with some wires and really did absolutely fuck all"?

(Yes, I know I should have checked it after he did the job, but the machine didn't work and I don't have a plug in phone...I screwed up by not thinking of the DVR sooner).
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