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Wow, after this, I am done with Bank of America.

I have a Washington account, because I opened it when I was 15 and lived at home, and have had no reason to change it. I now live in Oregon, and have for the last few years. I've discovered that even though it is BANK OF AMERICA, Washington/Idaho is on a different system than all other states. Which means I cannot go into a branch to do pretty much anything unless I have my exact account number. I can't order a card or checks at a branch, I have to call. I can't link my Oregon BOA credit card to my checking account. I can't use their iPhone app to do mobile banking and my online account is never current. Transactions take days to post.

I ordered checks about 3 weeks ago, but they haven't showed up and I had to pay my rent yesterday. Thus I had to go into a branch to get a cashier's check - which in itself I hate because tellers LOATHE working on WA accounts in Oregon. I get the check, it pulls and all is well.

Then today, I check my bank account and it's negative $480+ bucks. !!!!!! Cue panic. I check my account, look at transactions and see nothing that would've put me close to in the red, much less that much. I call and listen to my transactions - NOTHING. So after much zealous pressing on the 0 button, I get an associate and explain my situation and ask for help as to why I'm so overdrawn. He states that there's a pending check set to clear on 5/6 in the amount of $610 - the amount of the cashier's check I got on 5/3. I explain to him that this check already shows cleared on my account. He tells me because of this check, my account has a $610 HOLD FOR THREE DAYS on my account. I ask how this can be, the check was a BOA cashier's check, that has PULLED from my account and why is there a hold? 

Here's where stupid comes in. Because I got a cashier's check in Oregon, not Washington, their system automatically puts a hold on my account for that check amount even though the cashier's check instantly withdrew. Even though it was at a BOA branch, it shows as an out of state transaction (not one done at BOA - *I* had to tell the associate that) and freezes my account. I had to hang out on hold why they fixed this - and now my account is happily and well in the positive again.

I've had enough of this crap. I always get asked if I've considered opening a BOA account in Oregon, and I used to say no. The one time I said sure, the teller took my number and promised a rep would call me to set it up so it minimize the hassle. Never got that call. I've had this account for 10+ years and everything set up through it but it's in the one of 2 states that is effed up. Time for a credit union.

p.s. Does anyone know where I can send a letter to the president or some higher up about this absurdity? I know it won't affect much but I'd rather know it goes to someone higher up than the black hole of customer service.
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