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Hey! So, I'm new here... hi, all. Anyway, I've been working in customer service-related jobs for about 6 years on-and-off now, so while I understand how hectic and frustrating it can get, sometimes the treatment I get from employees makes me feel like a star worker by comparison.

And my first rant goes to... obnoxious drive-through worker at my local Taco Bell! This is not to bash Taco Bell - I love their food. Most employees I've encountered at any given Taco bell have been inoffensive to generally kind.

But, drive-through worker, I have a request for you:

Please wait for me to finish talking before you start responding. Cutting me off every time I name an item on my order will only piss me off. Here's basically how it went:

DTW: [Welcome to Taco Bell spiel], how are you?
ME: Fine, how are-
DTW: Are you ready to order?!!!!!
ME: ...Yes... thank y-
ME: .............Okay. I'll have a Nacho bel Grande-
DTW: That's a Nacho bel Grande? What else?
ME: YES. I wasn't done talking... Anyway, no sour cream-
DTW: So you don't want sour cream?!!!!?!?!?!?! WHAT ELSE?!!!
DTW: Okay!!!! That's two crunchy tacos?!!! What else?!

...And on it continues for the rest of my order. Seriously, wait for the customer to finish giving their order. Repeat it back to them, just for clarification, so that corrections can be made as needed. I've worked in the fast food industry before. I've worked drive-through. This usually ensures trhat everything runs as smoothly as possible.

By the way, I only ordered four tacos... not a dozen. If you hadn't constantly been interrupting me, you would have caught this and not tried to blame it on me for being unclear. And no, when I say I only want four tacos, I only want four. And no, that doesn't mean you can try to charge me for a dozen and get huffy when I explain the error to you. Thankfully, your manager took over, and was a kind, competent, refreshing change from your... special brand of customer service.

I have not seen you working at that store ever since on subsequent visits there. I can only hope that you've since then learned better etiquette.

Thankfully, my fast-food drive-through experiences have generally been very pleasant no matter what the franchise.

But, a bonus rant (directed at burger joints)!

When I say no cheese on my burgers, I mean no cheese. Having it happen once or twice? Don't worry. I'm guilty of messing up too. We're all human. Having it happen on nearly every visit when I repeatedly specify it? When I make a point of saying it clearly at least TWICE during my order so I ensure that you get it? Really, LISTEN TO WHAT THE CUSTOMER IS ORDERING. And when I bring it back in to get it fixed... I would prefer you fix it properly the first time around.

I swear, "I DO NOT want cheese on that" must be some sort of forgotten language around here, because it happens constantly in different restaurants, in different towns. Funny thing is, they usually get it right when I say "No onions, no mayo", all that stuff (or when I say "Just ketcuhp, mustard, pickles, and bacon"), but somehow, the concept of leaving the cheese off has constantly eluded them.
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