Jessie (sailorangei) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service or me being insane: You judge

Some possible bad doctor service. I need opinions, please.

My mother has a set of doctors she sees in the same practice. There are two of them, so I'm not sure if this is a, or only one of the two does this.

I have an earache (possible infection IMO) after battling flu symptoms for almost a week. I'm fine battling the flu stuff on my own, especially with no insurance. Once my earache broke out and it reached the level of pain that woke me up at 1:30 AM, I know I need to get some antibiotics.

Now I only go to this practice about once or twice a year. I can't honestly tell you the last time I was there, but this wasn't being done then.

After the usual stuff that we all go through at the doctor's, he finally walks in, hugging an open laptop to his chest. There was an adapter plugged into the wall with its connector sitting on the table, waiting for him to plug it in.

As I start telling him what he needs to know, he pulls up my file on the computer while looking at my hard copy by his side. He comments, "I see we don't even have your picture. You haven't been here in a while."

He then takes a camera out of his lab coat and turns it on. "Oh, no, really, I don't want to."

"I need your picture."

"No, you don't. You never have before, no one's ever made me."

"Everyone else has their picture on their medical record." He shows me a bunch of thumbnails at the bottom of my medical record of random people, kinda like the bar thing on the bottom of a Mac showing you the other programs you have.

"That's good, but I don't want mine attached. You don't need it, and no one else has ever needed it before." In fact all the hard copies DEFINITELY don't have pictures.

"If you won't let me take your picture, I can't see you."


I didn't even wanna argue with him at this point, I just said, "Okay, then, I don't want my picture taken. C'mon, Mom."

My mother, incidentally, does have her picture in there, and that's good. That's her CHOICE. But I seriously have an issue with this doctor who said his wants are more important than a patient's wishes. No matter what my reason was to keep my picture out, I had the right, I feel, to say no, and he had to respect that.

So the man who had to swear to do no harm told a patient he would not treat her because she refused to have her picture taken, for an EAR infection.

I kept my mouth shut, because I have no clue if this is law, him protecting himself, or me overreacting. But right now I feel like he should have respected my wishes.

Advice? Thoughts? Caramel frappes? *slurrrp*
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