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Hi everyone! I have joined this community specifically to tell you guys this...

Little bit of background:

I'm in the UK, working on the phones for the Centre that helps you find a Job. Basically, I take new claims to benefit over the phone, mainly the unemployment benefit. 

(I'm going to have to give a bit of background on the customer, obviously nothing identifying)

This girl had claimed the unemployment benefit in the beginning/middle of February. She'd gone to her first appointment and then found out she was pregnant, so had to cancel one of them. She was then told to make a new claim. She did so and missed that appointment because, sadly, she miscarried her baby. She'd let her local Centre of Jobs know, so nothing would get messed up. She went back in there, after she'd recovered enough (mentally and physically) to see what she could do about it. The person she spoke to informed her that her claim had been shut down. When the girl asked why, the person she spoke to said (and here comes the most appalling, disgusting customer service) that her having a miscarriage was not a good enough reason to miss her appointment.

Yep. You read that right. Apparently, losing your baby, one of the most distressing things that could happen to a woman, is not a good enough reason to miss your appointment.

I was absolutely fuming. I just couldn't believe that someone in a customer service role had actually SAID that to someone. I think something that makes it much worse is that the person she was speaking to was the manager. And female. This girl had made a complaint about her, but somehow, I don't think it got anywhere. 

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