Fortifarse (fortifarse) wrote in bad_service,

more transit problems... I posted yesterday about my soggy-bottomed bus ride, and I guess I need to emphasize that what I meant by "getting a car tomorrow" was I would be taking a train/bus ride from Ft. Lauderdale to Gainesville where my parents lived and they were giving me my mom's car.

So...the trip there: getting to the Amtrak station there is not a single sign o indication for where to go to get dropped off. Long story short, what looked like a small ramp to the parking lot was actually a big ramp onto the major highway nextto the station. Without a single damn sign. Luckily we allowed for the time and everything so it worked out, though when I called the station for directions I got a recording saying "we are closed for the evening". At noon. By the time I made it in I still had enough time to spare to get my ticket printed (will call) at the "quick print" kiosk, then I went to the desk to ask where to go and everything. It's a tri-rail/amtrak shared station, and one side says north, the other south. When I asked the desk clerk which side he was very rude and dismissive and just pointed to his desk, when I said "so this side? I'm just confused b/c it says south" and he said "that's for tri-rail" in a very "you dumbass" voice and rolled his eyes. When I asked him about the phones all I got was "I don't know how they work...oh oops, forgot to turn the message off". No apology or anything.

At the platform the (single, only) clerk is helping with loading, but seems to mostly just be standing around. A girl comes running up to the platform, dressed in nice black clothes and looking like she had been crying. I guessed she was heading to a funeral. She ran up to the clerk and asked him to print her ticket (train leaves at 12:30, it was 12:25). He flat out refused to go in and print her ticket. This struck me as porr service, considering the obvious implications, but it MAY have been a policy of theirs or something. One way or the other, I don't really think he could have gotten in too much trouble for helping her out, but I won't call it bad service per se w/out more knowledge. The bad service was him laughing and making comments about her to other passengers when she walked away to make a phone call. He made a comment along the lines of "she wouldn't pull this in an airport", to which I had to say "if she were at the loading spot 5 minutes before departure she would have ansolutely gotten on, and it's not professional or right to talk about a customer in front of others, particularly one so clearly distressed", and I boarded after going to her and giving her directions to the nearest greyhound station.

I got his name and he will be reported.

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