thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

Rude Macy's Lady

My sister and I went shopping at Macy's last Saturday. They had a table set up with jewelry that was on sale and we were looking at boxes of charm bracelets. The boxes were in stacks and we were just flipping through them when this women barges over and says "Are you girls having fun?" in a tone that sounded more like "WTF are you doing?" She had a fairly heavy accent and I thought maybe it just didn't come out the way she had intended. So, I just said "Yeah." Then she grabbed the stack I was looking at, exclaimed "It looks like a tornado came through here!", set the boxes back down just out of reach from where I was standing and stomped off again back to the jewelry counter.

I was pretty surprised for a few seconds. We certainly weren't making a mess. The way I was looking through the stacks was by picking up the entire stack and putting one box down at a time, so the boxes were still in stacks. We weren't goofing off and being loud or obnoxious or anything.

My sister put down the bracelet she was going to buy and on our way out we mentioned to another cashier at the jewelry counter why were weren't buying anything that day.

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