Somebodys Someone (chillyvixen) wrote in bad_service,
Somebodys Someone

Couldn't you just call me?

Back Story:
So back in October I went to the Emergency Room for what I thought would be a broken foot, but turned out to be only a sprain. Anyways, so when I'm filling out the paper work it asks if I smoke, I honestly answer yes. The ER doctor comes in examines my foot for 30 seconds, schedules an x-ray and leaves the room. Comes back with a large stack of "Quitting Smoking" pamphlets, which I told him I wasn't interested in. So I get my X-rays, they wrap up my foot, and scoot me out the door, and life is fine...minus the sore foot.
Also note I haven't lived with my parents in over 6 years.

Now on to the bad service...
I got 1 bill in the mail from the hospital, set up a payment plan with them and thought that would be the end of it. But as things tend to go with hospitals and money, of course that wasn't the end of it!  On April 8th my dad sent me an e-mail saying that there was a voice mail for me on their answering machine that sounded like they were trying to get ahold of me and i owed them money. So I called the number, and it's a company called Northwest Acute Care. Apparently ER doctors are not employees of the hospital, so they use a seperate billing service to collect payment. Anyways, they say they are calling because i owe them $404 and some change. I ask why they haven't sent me a bill for this yet. And here is the answer I got:
"Well, we sent out a statement to 1146 NE Butler and it got returned to us. So we sent it to a previous address listed for you at 3507 T Street, and then we left a voice mail at the number for your Emergency Contact."
Okay first off i live at 4246 NE Butler. I haven't lived at 3507 T Street in over 3 years, and why would you send it to a previous address? Why would I move back to somewhere? Why didn't you call ME? They did verify that my phone number was indeed correct in their system, so calling me would seem like the right thing to do the 1st time the bill got sent back to them. You know why they didn't call me to verify a correct address? Oh, i do! It seems that it's "not our policy". WTF? REALLY! How can I possibly pay for something I don't know about? NOT POSSIBLE! So I told them to send me a statement and I would gladly call back on the 15th and set up a payment plan. I want to review the statement before I pay anything just to make sure the doctor didn't try and charge me for his stupid "Quit Smoking" pamphlets, and to make sure everything is legit. Anyways, so the 15th rolls around and I haven't seen a statement from these people yet, so I call yet again. I tell them I haven't seen a statement yet, and need to see one before I make any payments. The kid on the other end of the line tells me that they didn't send me a statement last time I called because "it was too late". Too late for what? SEND ME A STATEMENT=I WILL PAY YOU! So the kid says that a statement will go out in today's mail. So this morning as i'm opening yesterdays mail, I have a bill from Collections requesting payment for $404 and some change. I'm pissed!
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