Josh (shadowdeus) wrote in bad_service,

The Culvers of Hell

Through a series of communities and individuals, I've found my way here to Bad Service.

These are a few old stories.
A few years ago, a Culvers opened in our area. Just another option for getting food. Whatever. But it turned out that the establishment happened to have the most incompetetent staff on the face of the planet.

One time when my family and I were eating there, there was a guy who was wearing a silly hat and looked to be about 90 years old. He also happened to be an employee. Apparently, he was an employee, and he had the job title of...what, I'm not altogether sure. Greeter, maybe? But then, what sort of chain restaurant needs a greeter? Anyway, he must have had a combination of deafness and stupidity, because he kept going around the tables, asking patrons how they were doing and how their food was, talking in a very loud voice with eyes bugging out, nawing on his lower lip. Sure, he was friendly, but...jeez, that's just creepy. Especially at a fast food joint.

At another time, I discovered that Culvers served cheese fries, a fast food rarity. ooo la la, I thought. I was slightly put off when I saw a picture that showed the cheese wasn't melted on, but I digressed and ordered them anyway. It was to go. Later, I opened the box and found a scant dozen shreds of cheese on top of a large pile of fries. How hard is it to just dump a large amount of cheddar cheese in a box already filled with fries? Or were they just trying to ruin my meal?

Later, my family ordered about two or three bags worth of food at the drive thru. We get two bags from the window, satisfied. As we begin the drive off, my sister looks in the bags and says, "Hang on a sec." What the hell?? We were missing, like, HALF our food! Our car was stopped not too far from the establishment, and suddenly one of the employees with a food bag in his hand walks out to the car and hands it to us, mumbling "sorry" half-apologetically, half-apathetically. Good God.

This last story is the most memorable. My dad, my sister and I had just left some sort of meeting (can't remember) and were desperately looking to find food, because we knew there was barely any at home. We stopped at three fast food restaurants, but oddly, they were all packed. "Oddly" because it was a Wednesday.
So, lo and behold, we dare going to Culvers. It, too, is packed, but we are resigned to getting food, dammit. So we go in, and wait in line for a while. Then, as the cashier serves the people that are in front of us, he leaves the machine. And doesn't come back.
So my family and the people that are behind us wait for twenty minutes, the anger starting to boil beneath the surface. Suddenly, an employee walks by, and notices us.
Employee: "Uh, are you guys waiting to be served?"
Dad: "YES."
E: "This register's closed."
Everyone in line blinks a few times. We look at the LED on the machine. It does NOT, in fact, say "this line closed."
My dad explodes. He yells, as loud as he can, "THIS PLACE IS BOGUS!!!" My sister and I quickly drag him out of the place, before too many people can see who we are.
Later, we are eating happily at a Burger King. All hail the BK!...for its employees can actually do their jobs well, unlike those at the satanic Culvers!
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