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Bus Went By 20 Minutes Early (AGAIN)

So the bus sucks...here is the e-mail I sent to them about it, explaining my problem(s). What do you guys think?

Bus Went By 20 Minutes Early
My subject line basically says it all. While visiting with a friend, I planned to take the last N15 home on Saturday night. I happened to look out the window 20 minutes before the bus should have passed (it was scheduled to leave Hempstead Terminal at 11:33 pm). There was the N15, trundling by without a care in the world. This meant that I was effectively stuck at my friend's house until 6:45 am the next day. Fortunately I did not have to work in the morning, nor did I have a class, but I have had this problem more than once in the past.

A week ago, I was waiting at the bus stop far before the bus was set to arrive. When I saw it approaching, I stepped into the street and waved to it. The driver did not even look at me and drove right by--the same driver who drives the last Long Beach-bound N15 *every weekday night*. That time I was not as lucky, for I had class in Queens in the morning, and as a result had to get up very early to get home, shower, change, and retrieve my books; it made me late to my class (not to mention the tardiness of the N4, which often makes me late for class even when I catch a bus 15 minutes early). I am highly disappointed with the service of the MTA, and were there an affordable alternative to taking Long Island Bus, I would truly love to seek it out.

This is not my only complaint, but when I called previously (in July), the woman who answered the phone sounded very irritated that I would waste her time just to tell her about a "minor" issue with service, so I effectively gave up on complaining. After the fiasco Saturday, I felt I needed to say something.

I cannot suggest a solution other than ensuring that the buses leave the terminal when they are scheduled to and attempt to stay on a set schedule. I understand that things happen along the route that are unavoidable, but there is no reason why a bus should be twenty minutes early, especially the last bus of the night.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

(The other issues I have had include buses not stopping for myself and several others all waiting at the same stop at the same time, buses running so late that they are doubled up and passing one another, buses running so early that there is, rather than about a 15-minute gap between them, closer to a 40-minute gap, and other various and sundry issues. Should I perhaps elaborate?)
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