James Scott, Duke of Monmouth (fleuriee) wrote in bad_service,
James Scott, Duke of Monmouth

slightly bizzare service at Marks and Spencer

For those not in the UK, M&S is a large chain of department stores, they sell clothes, homewares and food.
At the weekend they have a 'Dine in for £10' offer where you get a main meal, side dish, pudding and drink for £10. I went in and picked up my basket of delicious things, i'm 25 but as they ID everyone under 30 and I had no ID I decided to have the soft drink option.

I get to the checkout and all is going well until i'm asked for Id..
Checkout Boy- I need ID, it isn't coming up as alcohol free

Me- but it says alcohol-free on the bottle..

CB- yes but the computer says I need ID.

Repeat this about 7 times, until a supervisor comes over and gives him a rather confused look and he lets me have my soft drink!
We were both polite throughout this and he wasn't rude at all, but it was totally weird.
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