Ishtar L-Amarain (sharz) wrote in bad_service,
Ishtar L-Amarain

2 peices of bad service

First one- and the most expensive

My mobile phone company over charged me $200+ on last month's mobile bill. I added up all the phone calls and recalculated the bill myself using a spreadsheet just so I had my facts straight.

When I phoned the billing department I was

1) keep on hold for over 2 hours

2) accused of lying to avoid paying the bill

3) had to request to see the original phone operator's manager- who then thanked me for how patient I'd been with said phone operator.

I was told my account would be credited the $200. I also made sure to take the employee number and full name of the manager.

I phone a week later to check the that credit has gone through and it hasn't. I wait another hour on hold.

I talk to another operator and quote the managers full name and employee. Phone operator looks back the notes on my file and confirms that I am, indeed owed a credit but nothing has been done about it. However, now that is fixed and I can ignore the bill I just received.

1 week later I received another bill adding an additional $15 because I haven't paid my bill yet. I call back to contest this, this only 30 minutes on hold but luckily things went smoother. The credit was applied and the fee was waived.

I checked back in a couple off days and voila, credit has been applied.....after around 2 weeks of phone calls.

2nd piece of bad service

I was hungry so I bought a chicken club sandwich and a coffee from a train station stall. The total came to exactly $13. I pull out a $20 note from my pocket (I didn't have my wallet on me) and hand it to the guy at the stall. Obviously he owes me $7 change. He handed me a $2 coin. I'm still standing there with my palm outstretched waiting for the $5. He starts serving another customer so I wait till he's finished with that customer before I butt in.


Me: *still with palm outstretched* "You've only given me $2"

Him: *blank look*

Me: *puts receipt on counter* "I've bought up to a value of $13 and I gave you $20, you have to give me $7 change"

Him: "I don't HAVE to give you anything"

Me: *taken aback but still trying to be patient* "You owe me $5, otherwise you've over charged me $5, you've only given me a $2 coin when you owe me $7"

Him: "You must have put it in your wallet"

Me: "I don't have a wallet on me"

Him: "Are you serious, who walks around without a wallet?"

I'm starting to get really annoyed at this except for a another customer who interrupts and states that yes, he did only give me $2. He grudgingly gives me a $5 note. At this point, I've missed my train AND he's given me a coffee without the lid on so it's not cold but not hot as it should have been either. I can't be bothered arguing with him about the coffee or the fact that it doesn't have a lid so I sit there and wait for the next train while he keeps shooting me dirty looks right up till when I leave.

TLDR: Phone company overcharges me $200 and it takes half a month to get it sorted & train station stall guy just doesn't get it.

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