Ginger (rainydaymare) wrote in bad_service,

Brusque/Indifferent Service @ Campus Art Store: News At 11

So yesterday, I found myself with a bit of free time after class and wandered over to the art building where there is a little art supply store because I've been hankering after a particular kind of pencil and was wondering if they had it.

So I get there, and wait, along with two other girls, for the proprietress of the store to come back from wherever it is she went (she's frequently gone, this ain't the bad service) and after about ten minutes, this other woman (not the usual one) comes and opens the store. I go in, look around, she notices me and asks me what I'm looking for. I say "(name of pencil brand)", she says (a bit shortly) "We don't stock those" and proceeds to help one of the other girls who came into the store at the same time I did.

I dunno whether or not I should expect better from this place, because they KNOW people are going to buy their stuff whether they're nice or not (classes require it) and this isn't really a big deal, but it just kind of made me go "ehhhh".
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