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Mccy D's and cologne~

Okay, so.

This happened a while ago, but I still wtf over it whenever someone brings up aggravating service regarding fastfood places. It wasn't something you sue over, but it was pretty... well I'm not sure what the word is.

Anyways, I wasn't very hungry but I'm pretty much addicted to soda. So I get myself a giant ass coke while all my buddies order their fatty shit. Everyone gets theirs, yadda, yadda. I get my soda, but there's so much food passing that I don't get time to really appreciate my glorious cola until we get onto the road again.

So I bring it up to sip.

Lo and behold, the first sip is fuckin' disgusting. Not because the taste is off-no, it was fine- but the cup is... cleansed in this... cologne? Whoever put that shit together was using it like ineffective sun tan lotion, the sort that needs several dried layers. I mean, it sounds minor, but I cannot describe quite how... loaded with cologne this cup was. We had to roll down the windows, I got a massive headache and, yea, I did not finish that dude. It was absolutely terrible.

Fortunately he didn't handle the food, it seemed.

Seriously, though, what fast food dude decides in the middle of his shift at McDonalds that he desperately needs shitloads of cologne?

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