Nathan (nathan_dorian) wrote in bad_service,

I can accept that this is just an issue with the way the printer is made so there is simply no way that I can get around it.

I'm happy to accept that I just need to wait until I can afford ink in order to use the scanner on my printer.

But making up how printer-scanners work?

Lol no.

This isn't a major b_s in the slightest, just 'wtf' and 'lol'.

09:25:49 : Nathaniel: Initial Question/Comment:
I wish to use the scanner on my printer (Epson Stylus DX6000) but can't because the ink needs replacing.

09:25:54 :  Hello Nathaniel. Thank you for connecting to EPSON e-Talk through the EPSON website.

09:25:54 :  Preyesh Purohit has joined this session!

09:25:54 :  Connected with Preyesh Purohit. Your reference number for this chat session is 790143.

09:25:59 : Preyesh Purohit: Thank you for contacting Epson's UK Customer Interaction Centre. My name is Preyesh Purohit.

09:26:19 : Preyesh Purohit: You will need to replace the inks before scanning im afraid

09:27:01 : Nathaniel: But why, when scanning requires no ink?

09:27:42 : Nathaniel: I don't wish to use it as a copier, but just to scan images to use on my computer.

09:28:07 : Nathaniel: Is there no way to get rid of the empty ink messages on the printer so that I can actually use it?

09:28:39 : Preyesh Purohit: when scanning it will still use a slight amount of ink Nathaniel

09:28:47 : Nathaniel: How?

09:29:08 : Nathaniel: Stand alone scanners don't even have ink.

09:29:50 : Nathaniel: There is absolutely no way that it could use any ink in order to scan an image.

09:30:09 : Preyesh Purohit: Because the printer is an all in one machine it will use all the components to scan so it will use a slight amount of inks

09:30:58 : Nathaniel: How does it use ink in order to scan?

09:33:14 : Preyesh Purohit: If the inks in showing empty it will effectively shut down making it offline Nathaniel. You would need to make sure the inks are in the printer before it will scan

09:34:04 : Nathaniel: Sure, but that isn't what you said. You claimed that in order to use the scanner, the printer must use a small amount of ink. If that were true, if I replaced the ink and then used the scanner - over time the ink would deplete. However, scanners do not use ink.

09:35:56 : Preyesh Purohit: I do apologies it doesn't use the inks to scan, however the inks need to be in the printer due to being an all in one and with inks showing empty it will not work and will cause the printer to go off line

09:37:01 : Nathaniel: Fair enough, but I don't recommend inventing your own technical science there.

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