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Two minor instances

Just some minor irks lately. Nothing too major, but irritating nonetheless.

So on my lunchbreak on Monday I called the Planned Parenthood I've gone to a few times to refill my birth control pills. You leave your name, DOB, type of BC you want and how many refills, and a phone number. I got out of work too late to pick them up then, and my boyfriend and I share a car, so I went today (Wednesday) around 5 to pick them up.
Only, no. I waited around for twenty minutes before they called me back. Then I was told that I had to fill out some paperwork before I could get a refill. And I wouldn't be able to get the refill today, I'd have to come back tomorrow.
Did I mention I've filled out this paperwork before? And the whole reason they ask you to leave a phone number is so they can call you with any questions or problems? If I'd known I needed to fill stuff out, I would have come earlier (got there at like 5:15, they close at 6, I assumed it'd be a quick in-out because I just needed the pills and, y'know, called ahead), or picked it up on my way to do other things. I'm just irritated that I have to fill the stuff out again, and they didn't let me know in advance.

So my boyfriend usually works early Fridays (8 to 4:30) and I work late (1-9), so he orders a pizza so we can both eat but at different times. Anyway. Friday night he decides to order from a new place in town called Pizza Bella and orders a pizza with half sausage and half pepperoni, wings, and breadsticks. He ordered online and was quoted a delivery time of 45 minutes.
Two hours later (after an attempt to call and not getting through), the food shows up. It was cold. The pizza didn't even seem like it had been hot when it left - the cheese was really greasy/congealed, like it wasn't cooked long enough or had sat there a while. So, my boyfriend calls and finally gets a hold of them, asks to talk to the manager. Tells the manager how long it took, it was cold, etc. and the manager goes, "Well, what do you want me to do about it? We're busy." The boyfriend asks if he could get new food, possibly, and the manager says, "You could, but I don't know how long it would take. It's Friday night. We're busy."
No sympathy, no apology, no nothing. And the pizza wasn't even that good warmed up. I wouldn't recommend ordering from them.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, *pizzeria
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