Star girl (starwisp) wrote in bad_service,
Star girl

Rather minor, really.

  Well, I kind of regret not speaking up about this first bit, but the whole time, I was thinking to myself, "Did that just happen?"

We were in a Target, and had gathered an assortment of items, most particularly a bottle of cranberry juice and a Microsoft Live Points card, because I wanted to buy Fable via the xBox 360 Marketplace. I was very excited about it!

I put the items on the belt and walked to the card machine, credit card in hand. Though my boyfriend was with me, I think it was obvious that this was my purchase. The cashier scanned the points card and offered it to Derek, saying, "Would you like to hang on to this just in case? I wouldn't want it to get lost in the bag!"

Quite sweet of her, really, except that I was making the purchase and it was my card. 

I started running my card through the machine while she bagged up the items. When I turned to take the bags, she said, "The one with the juice is kind of heavy! You should get him to carry it!"

So first my boyfriend is obviously the one who plays video games, while I pay for it, and then he should carry things around for me because I'm puny. Thanks, Target cashier!

Though the cashier had no way of knowing this, my boyfriend actually has a major back problem that sometimes makes it difficult for him to walk, let alone cart my heavy bags around, which added a delicious sort of irony to the last.

No, not a very big deal in the long run, but once we got into the car we compared notes and kind of laughed the rest of the way home.
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