feels like tragedy's at hand (madelineusher) wrote in bad_service,
feels like tragedy's at hand

school grocery store fail

This is fairly minor, but it still seemed rather... invasive, to me.

I was down at the school store picking up a few things for a light dinner... plus chocolate and Tylenol. I knew what it was going to look like, but I really needed both items a lot.

So I pay, talking a bit to the cashier, and then gather my things and prepare to head off. While I'm maybe 3 steps away (still in hearing range), the cashier turns to her partner and says something along the lines of (I missed the first part, but it was all pretty loud): "...when girls buy like tampons and pads with chocolate. It kinda makes it obvious."

The people standing nearby all overheard that, and furthermore, I was actually freaking out because it wasn't the obvious (not going into TMI details here) and it's making me nervous. I didn't need being publicly humiliated on top of pain, thanks.

Am I in the wrong here? Is this sort of thing okay to say? I know she's a student and this is a casual job, but still...
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