jarethrake (jarethrake) wrote in bad_service,

Two minor instances

Parcelforce "tried to deliver a parcel" today.  Presumably, this consisted of simply walking up the front door and posting the "could not deliver" slip, since I was at home all day and would have heard it if they'd rung the doorbell or knocked.  Conveniently, they haven't bothered to fill in the time on the slip.  Annoying as hell, since I now have to spend an hour getting to the post office and back.  Just ring the damn doorbell, it's not that hard.

While I'm here, have another one.

I was getting bikini wax a few weeks ago, and I was chattering a bit, since there's nothing worse than silence while a strange lady pours hot wax over your bits.  I was complaining about being mixed race, something about the combination of pale skin and dark hair.  The lady said "well, at least you're not asian," and I just kind of went quiet.

I'm not entirely sure what mix she thought I was, if not half-asian.
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