author_by_night (author_by_night) wrote in bad_service,

Small talk is annoying, but it tops being a jerk...

This post made me think of a time I got snapped at for asking a slightly silly question, only in my case it was an effort to make small talk. I'm calling it a WTF because on my end, it was admittedly probably not the best thing I could've asked, but it was still very rude.

I work in an office, and we used to have a postal delivery guy who was generally friendly and talkative. Sometimes his jokes weren't all that funny, he could border on being a jerk, but it was never too bad.

Well, one fall day, he came in, and I asked him if it was cold. Apparently, this was the wrong place and time to do so. He stared at me for a second, and then said in a loud and annoyed voice:

"Of COURSE it's cold! Why wouldn't it be cold?"

I just sat there like this as he left: ...

Now, in fairness to him, my question was probably ill-placed, which is why I consider this closer to a WTF. I was sitting in a warm office while he was out in the cold. But I wasn't trying to be the type of customer who tells waitresses "oh it must suck that you're working on Easter!" and smiles smugly. I just asked a silly question because I epically fail at small talk. Chillax.
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