Carol Lynn (home_grown_cl) wrote in bad_service,
Carol Lynn

Just found this community, and had to share a story about my family and our Easter brunch.

I have a rather large family, with several kids. At our brunch we had 7 adults and 13 children (only 12 of which are actually old enough to eat). We decided to go to a buffet place, thinking it would be easier. What a mistake. First, they required that we not only give them a credit card number over the phone, but my sister actually had to sign a credit slip and mail it back to them before they would take our reservation. When we finally got to the restaurant it was crazy. Instead of taking reservations for staggered times, they did two at 10:00, one at 1:00. At a buffet this is completely unreasonable. They had 1(!) buffet line set up, that people could only go down on one side. They also had 1(!) person cooking omelettes at the end of this buffet line. There had to be at least 200, probably closer to 300 people. Any sane person knows that having 1 line and 1 cook for 200 people is not going to work (and they required reservations, so they knew what they were getting). We waiting in line for almost an hour, and the ham and roast beef on the serving line weren't even carved. The waitresses had brought us drinks fairly quickly after coming in, but never came to refill or replace them. After standing in line for our food for over an hour, anyone who ordered soda had a watered down mess. My sister and brother-in-law never ended up getting food, because they were watching the baby and some of the other kids at the table, and didn't want to wait in line after that. They informed the waitress of this, who informed the manager, who refused to take their meals off the bill. When we asked to speak to the manager he took almost 20 minutes to finally come over, and used the excuse that "we could have sold those seats many times over, I can't just not let you sat there the whole time". OK, I didn't realize that restaurants rented out their seats, I thought they sold food!!! My brother-in-law said, "So, you're telling me that you're goign to charge me for food I didn't eat?" When the manager said yes my brother-in-law said, "OK, then I'm not paying for any of it", and ripped up the check. The look on the manager's face was priceless. My sister told the manager that he had her credit card on file, he could go ahead and charge it, but she would be refuting the entire bill with her credit card company. The other ridiculous thing was that they had automatically added a 20% tip to the bill, when it was a buffet!!! and we never recieved a single refill on any of our drinks. We'll be going to IHOP for Easter next year!

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