the_poster_girl (the_poster_girl) wrote in bad_service,

Party City Mini-Suck

I am going to a convention this weekend and decided to go to my local Party City to pick up some cheap fishnets. Now I am not sure about other Party City's, but this location is notoriously messy and strangely stocked. There is always product all over the floor and they always seem to be out of whatever you are looking for, but its the only party supply store in the immediate area and its generally not that big of a deal.

So I go to the fishnets and grab what I need and then decide to go look at the shoes. There are a couple pairs of a certain shoe that I like so I go to try on the ones in my size and lo and behold, they are two right shoes. So I ask an associate if there are any more and he says that all the stock is out there. So I mention that there are two shoes missing and if he knew where they could be. So he apologizes and gets a manager; she comes over and says the same spiel about all the stock is on the floor. So I explain about the shoes, and she just shrugs and walks away. Now, I understand if there is no shoe stock kept in the back, but I was not asking about hypothetical shoes. At some point there were left shoes in the store. I don't think it would have been too much to ask for one of them to actually look to see where they had disappeared to, especially since that is about $60 worth of merchandise that is now unusable/missing. At the very least I thought it would have been appropriate for the manager to take the shoes that are now unsellable off the shelf instead of leaving them there.

Its not a huge suck, and I understand that they couldn't make the shoes appear out of mid-air, but some kind of effort to figure out what happened to the other shoes would have been nice.
Tags: retail

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