MapDark (mapdark) wrote in bad_service,

Silly but still..

Ok this might sound like a silly rant for some of you but still..

So my credit card was due for renewal in April , I went to the bank to renew it and I was to receive it later on , so I received the new one this morning...

And well.. I got a pretty bad surprise when i opened the enveloppe.

Instead of a modern and neat design like the last one I got , I got this:

Now , there are THREE designs , but I was NEVER asked about which one I wanted.

So I got two problems here :

1- Why did the lady at the bank never ask me which design I would like on the card ?

2- Who in their right mind would think that ANYONE would want to go around using a card with DEAD FISH on it!?

Ok , while I was typing this , I called Visa and they'll send me a more tasteful one , but they did admit that the bank lady not asking me about it was pretty wrong.
Tags: credit cards

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