DachsieHaven (dachsiehaven) wrote in bad_service,

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more of a WTF than real bad service

But its still has me shaking my head.

So I take my Jeep into the regular mechanic today because my transmission has been having issues since the fall and I now have the money to deal with it. I go in hoping its something minor but I figure I will probably need a new one. Yup it is going south and can't be fixed needs to be replaced.  So he tells my husband I should not replace it now but keep driving it until it craps out. He was really pressing my husband to just have me keep driving it. Yeah like I want to drive a car where any time from tomorrow until when ever the tranny can just crap out on me. With my luck I would be 2 hours from home, in the rain and on the Interstate to boot. I mean really what is the point of driving a car around with a bad transmission until it craps out. It's not like its going to make replacing the damn thing any cheaper. I really think its because no mechanic I have ever met likes to work on a Jeep.
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