Fortifarse (fortifarse) wrote in bad_service,

minor but rude

I moved into a new apartment last October and my roomies and I have gotten all our furniture set up except a dining room table. We had been expecting a donation from friends/family members but they all fell through, but then my parents visited (I live with my sister and my best friend who is family fwiw) and when I had to serve them a delicious dinner on a busted card table with a bum leg they decided to buy one for us. So they ordered it online and set delivery for today. My friend and I had been out of town for the weekend and got in late last night so I made sure my phone was on super loud volume to wake me up when they called to set a delivery time. This morning they call around 8:30 and the phone woke me up but I was a little fuzzy when I answered. The guy asked if between 4 and 7 woule be ok, and in my haze I said "oh, tonight?", he replies "well, OBviously" (in that tone we all know and love), I replied "sorry, just confirming, that will be no problem" and as we were ending the call in that 2 second lag before "end" gets pushed I hear "what a dumb-"*click*.

Seriously? I wasn't rude or anything, just not completely awake and asked a dumb question. I just found this rude and unnecessary.
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